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ePSXe - the Bets PSX emulator for PC

ePSXe is considered to be best Playstation emulator. It plays most commercial games so it wont let you down. ePSXe is a another PSX emulator that takes advantage of the PSEmu Pro plugin system. ePSXe requires DirectX 7 that al the modern PC's have and a decent 3D card. Playstation bios image is also required to run this emulator. Currently it is the best free Playstation 1 iso emulator available. The ePSXeCutor is the premiere frontend for ePSXe. This release takes advantages of some features not yet present in ePSXe. You have to download and configure the plugins & playstation bios otherwise ePSXe will not work!

Download ePSXe version 170
Download ePSXeCutor version 1060
Download ePSXe BiOS SCPH-1001
(do to copyright laes we can not provide a direct link to the PSX bios files so use the link on the right to find a page that will help)
try this link

Default ePSXe Game Control Keys
Arrow Keys Directional buttons
S Square
D Triangle
X Circle
C Select
V Start
W L1
Q L2
E R1
R R2
Other ePSXe Keys
F1 Savestate in selected slot.
F2 Increase slot. (max = 5)
F3 Loadstate from selected slot.
F4 Enable/Disable SIO irq.
F5 Toggle Digital pad/Special pad
F6 Enable/Disable Xa sound/read.
F7 Enable Chrono Cross cheat code.
F8 Make a snapshot to snap directory.

Known PSX bios files / ePSXe bios is needed to play ISOs

Dtlh3000.bin 524 288 240 927 1996.08.01. 16:03
Dtlh3002.bin 524 288 238 787 2000.10.05. 13:32
SCPH1001.BIN 524 288 240 927 1997.07.11. 6:38
SCPH101.BIN 524 288 299 043 2003.07.12. 14:05
SCPH5000.BIN 524 288 269 698 1996.11.11. 23:12
SCPH5500.BIN 524 288 245 331 1996.11.20. 5:57
SCPH5502.bin 524 288 246 263 1998.11.13. 17:06
SCPH7000.bin 524 288 288 343 1998.11.05. 11:12
SCPH7001.BIN 524 288 286 305 1999.04.26. 21:33
SCPH7003.bin 524 288 240 926 1999.01.28. 12:38
scph7502.bin 524 288 286 305 2000.07.17. 23:28

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